Wholistically You

Spiritual Guidance and Wholistic Practices

Spiritual processes are necessary when:

  • Life changing event i.e Crisis with health, relationships, divorce, work
  • When it’s time to grow (manifest) and evolve
  • When you want to learn something new
  • Remind yourself who you are
  • Simply learn to be present

Make time for yourself and wellbeing.


  • BodyTalk
  • Consultation

Be Empowered:

  • GeneKeys
  • Conscious Living
  • Soul View
  • Soul Fuel Sessions (Community)
  • Conscious Dying

Wholistic Coaching:

  • Get It Together (In Life, Family and Business)

You have the power to create positive, lasting change in your life. This may seem like a frightening responsibility for some and an opportunity and adventure for another. Regardless it is up to you. When we are in crisis we tend to push away the power to change the situation. My goal is to make you aware of the dynamics of crisis or wholeness and support you in your process.

We cannot stop losses in our lives but conscious living allows us to use any crisis in positive, transformative ways. Opportunity to challenge what we thought we knew about who we are, to uncover what we value, reconsider what we need, refine what gives us pleasure, and recreate a meaningful life. Reconfigure the inner workings of self, reach deep into ourselves, adjust our perception, to discover a treasure chest of being that will exceed our expectations and our imagination.

Let your crisis be the best bad thing that ever happened to you to active your becoming; into consciously you. Crisis forces you to breakdown barriers and to entertain new possibilities, that may feel strange yet a truer more authentic than anything you have lived to date.

Transforming your sense of self enables you to rise above life’s challenges to enrich your self worth and growth potential in life to enjoy, create, achieve.

The more narrow view of self the greater you are vulnerable to any number of crisis, with Tillie you can embrace the change needed to fulfillment while being supported as who you think you are and the who you are becoming.

Learn how any shift in perception or behavior can create monumental changes in one’s internal dynamics of your life. The importance of knowing of who you are applies not only to individuals also to groups, families, small businesses, and communities. We all have to set out in a direction that reflects who we are together but when world changes the group’s sense of self identity will need to evolve as well to reflect what is deemed most important to the success of the group.

Re-creating one’s self if your birth right.

To be effective in your life you need to have the capacity to be affected by events and to grow from your experiences rather than being paralyzed or devalued by them. People who adapt to change organically, without trauma, have the capacity to experience loss, yet process the intuitive calling and personal awareness that will enable you to create from the void.  Becoming acquainted with the ways of which you respond to resist change is essential.

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