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Self-Leadership & Emotional Intelligence

The ability to relate to others effectively is a key component in successful leadership. Strong interpersonal and communication skills have a positive impact on the morale and effectiveness of a team or organization. This seminar draws on the core skills of Emotional Intelligence — self-awareness, self-management, empathy, and managing relationships — and addresses common communication pitfalls in a professional setting. Participants learn how to draw on their emotions without becoming reactive or caught in power struggles and choose from a range of options in any given situation or relationship at work.

Creating a Values-Driven Organization

Building a strong and healthy organization with shared values has become the most significant factor in competitive advantage and brand differentiation in business today. Values are deeply held principles that influence the behavior and decision-making of individuals, management teams, and companies as a whole. The Seven Levels of Awareness model offers a framework to leaders for understanding how a range of values is needed to ensure that sustainability, internal cohesion, and strategic partnerships are in place. Within this framework, employees can be engaged and motivated in new ways that unleash their hidden potential and generate genuine enthusiasm for fulfilling the mission.

Conscious Resolution

Most businesses inevitably find themselves navigating some kind of conflict. Often, the conflict seems to have come out of nowhere when actually the conditions for its surfacing have likely been building for some time, just like a dormant volcano waiting to erupt. Some conflict is inevitable, yet it is possible to minimize its frequency and intensity by creating an organizational culture that promotes cooperation and understanding. Participants in this seminar will learn some practical approaches and skills to engage colleagues in ways that encourage openness, value each other’s contributions, and inspire genuine commitment to the team and its goals.

Wellbeing in the Workspace

Many challenges in the workplace can be traced to differences in personalities, worldviews, and behavioral styles. Being able to navigate these unique characteristics of each individual in a way that truly motivates employees is an essential skill for managers and team leaders.

Intuitive Decision Making: The Art, Science and Experience of Possibility

“We live in a world of constant activity, always doing, in motion, on task. The reality is that your truest successes come not only from what you do, but more so from your preparedness and ability to gather needed information in advance. The doing piece is actually tiny, but only if you have laid down the proper foundation of readiness. Everything is available. Your only task at hand is to position yourself properly to receive it. Think of yourself as a perfectly designed state-of-the-art radio. You may be able to send and receive all the right signals—but only if your power is on.” Laura Day; Author of Practical Intuition

Intuitive Decision Making trains leaders how to access their intuition for what business leaders now call “emergence”. This is designed teach how to:

– Train your brain to get accurate, appropriate, actionable information in an efficient way
– Faster answers to highly complex questions
– Access to innate wisdom and tap into the possibilities and full potential
– Decision making that is not based on fear
– Access greater levels of creativity


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