THE BVC and CTT Tools

The Values Centre website was created by Barrett Values Centre to provide information on the application of the Seven Levels of Consciousness model and the Cultural Transformation Tools Ā® for the cultural transformation of corporations, non-profits, NGO’s, government institutions, schools, communities and nations, as well as providing details on the use of the model and tools for personal transformation and leadership development.

The Corporate Transformation Tools (CTT)

Cultural Transformation Tools are a suite of tools designed by Richard Barrett of Richard Barrett & Associates, LLC. The tools support the transformation of corporations, non-profits, government institutions, schools, communities, and nations. Thousands of organizations in more than 50 countries have used these tools to measure and shape their organizations culture. Culture has become a competitive advantage for those organizations who understand that the quality of their products and services are only a part of their success. Who they are and what they stand for has become an important intangible; that can now be measured and defined.

The Corporate Transformation Tools

– Individual Assessments
– Team Culture Assessments
– Small Group Assessments
– Leadership Values Assessment
– Cultural Values Assessment
– Mergers and Acquisitions
– Cultural Compatibility Assessment – selection of new employees
– School Values Assessment
– Community Values Assessment
– Espoused Values Analysis
– Customer Values Assessment

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