Wellbeing in your Work-Life Balance

Consciously You and Wellness Renewal

Sagestones follows holistic practices with a vast collection of new theories and ancient practices that include spiritual direction. At Sagestones Tillie emphasizes self-care and personal responsibility for your wellness.

To make changes we must have all aspects of one’s self moving toward the same goal. This requires daily attention to our body. With your personalized Wellness Renewal program you will develop a new awareness of your body that can help you feel more connected and whole. Sagestones strives for a new standard of wellness. No matter what stage of health you are currently at, Sagestones will assist you in improving all areas of your life.

Conscious Focus

To guide conscious evolution through conscious awareness and cultural transformation initiatives. To create customized solutions that draw on the collective wisdom of the organization, Tillie is committed to creating healthy and nurturing cultures to maximize success.


– Making a Difference
– Connections
– Shared Vision
– Wholistic Wellness

The Philosophy

– An important aspect whole-system changes its integral understanding that everything is connected
– Businesses that embrace more than just the current business model are more sustainable and successful in this global, changing corporate environment.
– Values are universal, self-governing, and bring out the best in people.
– People who are allowed to bring their full selves to work are more creative, productive, and committed to the wellbeing of the overall organization.
– The more authentic, mindful, and personally conscious and individual is the more effective that individual or organization will be in serving the positive transformation and evolution of the organization and our world.

Getting Conscious

“The basic step we all go through to regain well – being, whether emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual. “Recovery: process of becoming stable when issue no longer adversely affects your mind and body. “Renewal: when your body and mind start to repair, and you are no longer sick.”

Staying Conscious

“The steps we need to take if we want true health Rejuvenation: When you discover the underlying cause of your condition through a mental or spiritual process so that both your life and your state of mind are total transformed.”

Rejuvenation is an attitude of mind, a statement of consciousness and a physical process. It is your physical body transforming itself into a higher physical state. This is joyful and powerful. And it lasts forever. Even though your body will die at some point, the experience of rejuvenation will live on in your soul and the souls of others.

“Wellness is a commitment to self to live a healthy life with congruent self-expression of the divine within. Wellness strives for a new standard!” Christopher Hansard, from “The Tibetan Art of Living”

“We are all happiest when we are demonstrating in physical reality what we know to be true about ourselves, when we are giving form to our life’s intention in a way that contributes to others.” Maria Nemeth PHD

Conscious Assessment Services

Conscious Wellness

– There is innate potential and wisdom within each of us, that when unleashed and connected with the whole, can release powerful creativity and innovation.
– Human systems grow in the direction of what they most persistently, actively and collectively ask questions about. When they focus on human ideals and achievements, peak experiences and best practices, these things tend to flourish. When we organize around problems, we structure solutions around the problems instead of the desired future.
– Organizations change fastest and best when their members are excited about where they are going, have a clear plan for moving forward and feel confident about their ability to reach their destination.
– Change will occur, with greater engagement, if we can get to shared meaning

Conscious Coaching

Today’s individuals/families/leaders need to be clear on who they are, what they stand for, and why they do what they do. Tillie’s coaching emphasizes self-awareness. While many executive coaches focus primarily on the external challenges, I help leaders discover and act from their authentic self. This naturally evolves to identifying strategies and the development of Personal Holistic Wellness Plans that will resonate with managers and employees in the organization.

Coaching of managers and supervisors often focuses on how to develop and lead their staff in ways that inspire and bring out their full potential. Managers who have risen through the ranks because of their high performance and operational mastery often do not have the skills and awareness to grow and develop their employees. Fortunately, this can be learned. Tillie will work with you to expand your leadership repertoire to include essential people development skills to ensure full engagement and commitment over the long term.

Evolved Whole Hearted Leadership

How many of your managers are truly equipped and prepared to lead your company into its future? Tillie partners with her clients to create a customized program so that managers at all levels become true leaders. Key features include the translation of the company’s core values into measurable behaviors, solving current organizational challenges, skill development, and the creation of best practices. This program will create a powerful foundation of shared experience, common language, and internal cohesion that will have a ripple effect throughout the organization. By solving actual company challenges, this program has a built-in return on investment.

Small, cross-unit teams of leaders are created for mutual accountability, coaching, and support throughout the program. Our action learning model includes development of skills such as the leader as coach, emotional intelligence, conflict management, and employee engagement. Participants discover their hidden potential, increase their personal effectiveness, and take ownership of their decisions and actions in a powerful way. They move from being managers to leaders who can inspire and engage their teams in a way that taps their enthusiasm and potential.

Communities and Small Businesses

Communities (cities, towns, and neighborhoods) thrive and prosper when they are part of a cohesive society and have a strong local economy. A Community Values Assessment highlights the values, cultural experiences, and expectations for different segments of the population. This provides key information for communities to look at their opportunities and challenges as they create their vision and develop strategic plans.


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